Smarter Travel Initiatives

Smarter Travel Initiatives or Mobility Management Initiatives are a broad collection of different programmes which support people in choosing sustainable transport options.

These initiatives can benefit individuals in terms of health and cost of travel, and can save organisations time and money. They also benefit the State in terms of reducing congestion, emissions, exploiting investment in sustainable transport infrastructure and promoting a more active and healthier population.

Smarter Travel Initiatives are often site-specific initiatives such as Workplace Travel Plans or School Travel Plans. However they can also have city-wide, regional or even national application like car-sharing, car clubs or public awareness campaigns. These initiatives can support, and be supported by, transport infrastructure.

Smarter Travel Initiatives are outlined in government transport policy “Smarter Travel: A New Transport Policy for Ireland 2009-2020”.

The National Transport Authority has developed the following smarter travel initiatives:

The following technical guidance documents have been produced to aid local authorities, other state agencies and the general public on how to implement National Transport Authority policy.