The Public Service Obligation Contract between the National Transport Authority is a ten year contract which commenced on 1st December 2009. The contract outlines the performance requirements that Bus Éireann must meet in return for the payment of a public subsidy. In 2013 the subsidy payment is €34.5m. A proportion of that payment is withheld each month and is only paid if the performance targets are met by Bus Éireann.

The original contract and schedules are available here:

National Transport Authority and Bus Éireann – Public Service Contract

Effective from 1st December 2012 the Authority amended certain provisions of the Contract, revised Schedule D and inserted a new Schedule E.

The contract is made of the following sections:

  • Contract
  • Schedule A – Services & service levels to be provided by the operator
  • Schedule B – Performance Obligations
  • Schedule C – Reporting requirements
  • Schedule D – Compensation
  • Schedule E – Framework Grant Agreement

The Authority has previously amended the performance obligations (Schedule B) and the current requirements are available here.

The Authority is presently reviewing the current Schedule B with a view to its amendement early in 2013.

The contract provides for the approval by the Authority of any service changes outlined in Schedule A of the contract.