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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Early Notice – WAV17

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Grant Scheme 2017 The Authority has received news that limited funding of €750,000 will be made available for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Grant Scheme to open next April to continue to encourage the wider availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles in Ireland’s fleet. All application forms, terms and conditions will be available…

Correction of NBRU inaccuracies

Claims made by the National Bus and Railworkers’ Union about the National Transport Authority, and by inference about its management, staff and board, in the last 24 hours cannot go unchallenged. The assertion made that NTA provides bonuses to the value of €500,000 to senior executives is quite simply untrue. NTA pays NO bonuses whatsoever…

Statement by National Transport Authority on bus services in rural communities

Tim Gaston, Director of Public Transport Services said: “Suggestions that decisions made by the National Transport Authority (NTA) in granting commercial licences to bus operators have been to blame for the difficulties being experienced by Bus Éireann, simply do not stand up to scrutiny.