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Monthly Archives: February 2017

National Maximum Taxi Fare Review

The current telephone survey of taxi drivers will be completed by the first week in March as part of the biennial National Maximum Taxi Fare Review.  The Review is carried out to allow adjustments for changes in taxi operating costs and the market facing the taxi industry.  This telephone survey will then feed into an…

No rural communities will be left behind

Introductory Statement from Anne Graham, Chief Executive Officer, National Transport Authority to the Oireachtas Transport Committee 22nd February 2017.

Household Travel Survey 2017 Launched

The National Household Travel Survey 2017 which will collect information on travel patterns of the Irish public, targeting over 6000 households from all over Ireland and the research will assist in future transport provision planning.

Introductory Statement from Anne Graham, Chief Executive, National Transport Authority

Thank you for the invitation to attend. I understand that the Committee wishes me address the topic “What it takes to sustain a viable rural community” and in my statement I focus in particular on public transport.  To assist me in dealing with your subsequent questions I am joined by Tim Gaston who manages public…