Apply for a Variation to an International Authorisation

Please note that all applications for an Authorisation must be forwarded to all other jurisdictions for approval. To make a complete and valid application for an Authorisation you must supply the following:

  • A completed application form, signed and dated;
  • The appropriate fees (See fee structure below);
  • Drivers rota;
  • Fare structure – fares must be given in Euros and currency for all other countries;
  • Copy of Valid Community Licence;
  • Copy of Valid Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • Timetable;
  • A complete map of the proposed route (if a change is proposed); and
  • Maps clearly showing each individual stop (if a change is proposed)

If your proposed Authorisation includes pick-up and set down of passengers solely within the Republic of Ireland, a National Licence may be required in addition to the Authorisation.

Fees for Authorisation variation application (Authorisation amendment):

  • €16.51 Application fee – to be submitted with variation application;
  • €2.54 per Certified True Copy required – a Certified True Copy must be carried on board each vehicle (only to be paid once the variation has been approved, i.e. not at application stage).