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National Maximum Fare Update

It remains a legal obligation to have every taximeter calibrated (programmed) and verified (sealed) by the Legal Metrology Service to the current National Maximum Taxi Fares Order 2015 when operating. The initial sanction for a failure in this regard is as follows: • Failure to comply with the Regulations in relation to the calibration of…

7,000 submissions received to date in NTA’s bus network consultation process

Biggest ever number of respondents to NTA consultation The online consultation relating to the review of the bus network in Dublin has generated 7,000 responses to date.   The consultation process was launched on June 6th when the NTA published the Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Choices Report. The Network Review is one element of BusConnects, NTA’s plan to radically transform…

National Maximum Taxi Fare Review Report & Fact Sheet Published

The objectives of the National Maximum Taxi Fare Review are to: • Estimate the average activity level of taxis in a year based on survey data, research results and Central Statistics Office (CSO) data; • Update each element of the Taxi Cost Index (TCI), including the “fixed cost” of an average taxi, the running costs…


The application period for the 2017 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Grant Scheme has now closed.