The Public Spending Code

All Irish public bodies are obliged to treat public funds with care, and to ensure that the best possible value for money is obtained whenever public money is being spent or invested.
The Public Spending Code is the set of rules and procedures that ensure that these standards are upheld across the Irish public service. The Public Spending Code Website provides central guidance, technical guidance (e.g., A Guide to Economic Appraisal) and tool and guidance for financial appraisal (e.g., Financial Appraisal Guidelines, Template).
All projects over €20M are subject to the review process by the NTA at each decision gate.



Common Appraisal Framework

Common Appraisal Framework is a common framework for appraising transport investments in accordance with the Public Spending Code. It is designed to help assist and guide Sponsoring Agencies when developing transport business cases for proposed public investment.

Project Approval Guideline

Project Approval Guideline sets out a consistent and transparent approach across projects undertaken by agencies in receipt of NTA funding. The NTA will appraise the deliverables at the Gateway and the NTA Gateways align with the PSC Decision Gates.


Public Spending Code – Lifecycle and Decision Gates

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