A Cycle Design Office (CDO) was established by the NTA in 2019. The core objective of the CDO is to provide design services to assist in the delivery of cycling projects, predominantly in the Greater Dublin Area but also in the Regional Cities.

The primary role of the CDO is to develop various cycling schemes through the design and planning stages of each project, together with the development of tender documents for construction plus the management of the tender process for construction.

In undertaking the development of these projects, the CDO will undertake, among other things, the following:

  • Feasibility and route option assessment studies;
  • Preparation of preliminary and detailed designs;
  • Preparation of planning and environmental reports for scheme statutory approvals;
  • Scheme appraisals in line with the Common Appraisal Framework for Transport Projects;
  • Preparation of tender documents for construction of schemes;
  • Management of the procurement processes for the appointment of scheme contractors;
  • Provision of design advice services to local authorities and to other cycling scheme designers; and
  • Preparation of research reports related to sustainable transport.

The CDO core design team comprises a full-time team of six people including a project manager, designers and technicians. Supplementary resources are available on a part-time basis as needed to support the work being undertaken by the CDO, including environmental services, structural engineering and landscape architecture services.

The cycling schemes being developed by the CDO comprise a mix of some schemes developed directly for the Authority and other schemes developed on behalf of local authorities.

The design team has initially focussed on Dublin City Centre schemes and piloting the design and delivery of the Protected Cycle Lanes programme across the GDA.