Planning and Policy

The National Transport Authority has a wide range of roles and functions when it comes to transport planning and policy. These roles and functions differ between those that apply at the national level and those that apply within the Greater Dublin Area (GDA).

Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy 2016 – 2035

In April 2016, the Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area (GDA), 2016-2035 was adopted by the Minister and laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas, in accordance with Section 12 of the Dublin Transport Authority Act, 2008.

The Strategy will guide decisions on transport throughout the region and will contribute to the economic, social and cultural progress of the Greater Dublin Area (counties Dublin, Meath, Wicklow and Kildare) by providing for the efficient, effective and sustainable movement of people and goods.

Transport Planning Policy and Guidelines

In terms of transport planning policy within the GDA, the Authority is required to publish a Strategic Transport Strategy, an Integrated Implementation Plan and a Strategic Traffic Management Plan. To date the Authority has published a Draft Transport Strategy and will prepare an Integrated Implementation Plan in 2013. While the Authority has no statutory remit in this regard outside the GDA, we have been heavily involved in plans across the country through providing technical assistance and advice to local and regional authorities.

The Authority produces policy and technical guidance to build upon and develop our policy platform and to aid local authorities, other state agencies and the general public on how we see our policy being implemented on the ground. To date the Authority has published documents on travel to school, travel planning guidance for workplaces and guidance for local authorities on securing travel plans via the planning process.

The Authority is currently preparing further guidance on transport planning for schools, residential development, retail warehousing, permeability in urban areas, and freight. All of these documents are scheduled for completion by the authority in 2013 and are being developed in conjunction with the relevant government departments and local and regional authorities.

Please visit the ‘Transport Planning Policy and Guidelines’ section for further details.

Planning submissions

On a national basis, the Authority must be consulted by all regional authorities when they are drawing up their Regional Planning Guidelines. While this reflects our statutory remit, from time to time, the Authority is also invited to formally submit observations on more detailed planning matters outside the GDA such as land-use and transport studies and local area plans as well as national planning policy matters. Our submissions on these can be found here

Within the GDA the legislative remit of the National Transport Authority provides greater scope for involvement in the planning process. The Authority submits observations on all County, City and Town Development Plans, Local Area Plans, Strategic Development Zone planning schemes, large scale planning applications and other matters which may be of interest in transport terms. All of our submissions to date can be found here.

Data and analysis

To support our transport planning role, the Authority undertakes analysis of available land use and transport data for the country on an ongoing basis. The development of the GDA transport strategy and the provision of advice and support on transport and planning issues nationally is backed-up by analysis of population and travel behaviour. The Authority maintains a transport model to support its transport planning remit within the GDA and is in the process of developing a National Transport Model. Please visit the ‘Data Analysis’ section for further details.