Data and Analysis

To support its transport planning role, the Authority undertakes analysis of available land use and transport data for the country on an ongoing basis. The development of the GDA transport strategy and the provision of advice and support on transport and planning issues nationally is backed-up by analysis of population and travel behaviour from data made available primarily through the Census. The Authority maintains a transport model to support its transport planning remit within the GDA and is in the process of developing a National Transport Model.

The Authority also periodically undertakes its own transport surveys to supplement the Census data. Full reports on these surveys – including analysis of the survey data may be found here.

The demographic and transport data collected in Census 2011 was released to the Authority in full in late 2012. This data set provided detailed information on the patterns of travel to education – in addition to the travel to work patterns that have been recorded since the 2002 Census. The Integrated Planning Team used this data extensively across the state in order to provide evidence and support for the following key functions of the Authority:

  • Land use and transport planning;
  • Advice and support to other authorities;
  • Transport capital investment;
  • Public transport network reviews;
  • Bus licensing;
  • Smarter Travel workplaces;
  • Green Schools.

In addition to the use of the data in these functions, the Integrated Planning and Modelling teams undertook a preliminary general analysis of the 2011 census, the report of which can be found here.