Land Use Planning

A transport demand model, which is the primary land use input for the National Transport Authority transport model, is maintained by the Authority for the GDA. The NTA is currently expanding the model to the national level. This work should be complete by the end of 2013.

The current model known as the ‘Trip Attraction and Generation Model’ (TAGM) contains base and forecast year land use data at a zonal level for the Greater Dublin Area, generally based on CSO Electoral Divisions (EDs). The current TAGM has a base year of 2006, and includes important origin and destination data for each zone, such as the population, levels of employment, and the number of education places. Additional information such as SEG groups and unemployment rates are also contained in the model.

The Authority has also developed forecast year scenarios for the TAGM. The current horizon forecast year is 2030, which was developed using CSO population and labour force projections, in conjunction with local authority input on the spatial distribution of growth. The current 2030 TAGM forecast was specifically developed to inform the draft National Transport Authority Transport Strategy, and interim forecast year TAGM projections are also available.

The TAGM base year and forecast year projections will be updated following the publication of the Census 2011 and expanded to cover the emerging national transport model.

More information on the current TAGM base year and forecasting methodology used for the draft National Transport Authority Transport Strategy.