The National Transport Authority’s responsibilities include strategic transport planning, integrated public transport network development, walking and cycling promotion, public transport infrastructure provision, effective management of traffic and transport demand and the regulation of public transport services. Transport modelling has a fundamental role to play in helping the authority deliver on these responsibilities.

The Authority maintains a number of regional transport models to support its transport planning remit. The models are strategic multi-modal, network based transport models and include all the main surface modes of travel (including travel by car, bus, rail, luas, heavy goods vehicles, walking and cycling). More details on each of the regional models can be found here.

The National Demand Forecasting Model (NDFM) provides inputs to each of the regional models and interacts with a number of key regional model components. The NDFM includes the set of models and tools that are used to derive levels of trip making (nationally) from planning data for input to each of the regional models. More information on the NDFM can be found here.

A number of different data sources were utilised in the development of the NDFM and Regional Modelling System. These included data from the National Household Travel Survey and Traffic Count Data. For more information on the data sources used in the Model development please click here.

For details on accessing the models please click here.