Regional Models

The national remit of the NTA requires a system of regional models to help it deliver on its planning and appraisal needs. The NTA Regional Modelling System comprises five regional transport models covering the Republic of Ireland and centred on the five main cities of Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford.

Each regional model has the following key attributes:

  • Full geographic coverage of the relevant region;
  • A detailed representation of the road network;
  • A detailed representation of the public transport network & services;
  • A representation of all major transport modes including active modes (walking and cycling) and includes accurate mode-choice modelling of residents;
  • A detailed representation of travel demand of four time periods (AM, Inter-Peak, PM and Off-Peak); and
  • A prediction of changes in trip destination in response to changing traffic conditions, transport provision and/or policy.

For further details on each of the models please see the map below.