To supplement the travel data made available through the national Census in 2006, the Authority’s predecessor (the DTO) undertook two major transport surveys within the GDA to coincide with the Census year:

The GDA Education Survey 2006 was a comprehensive survey of places of education to find out how pupils and students travel to their schools and colleges on a daily basis. A detailed report on this survey and its findings is available for download:

Education Survey, Greater Dublin Area, 2006

The GDA household survey was undertaken in Spring 2006 to obtain details of people’s general all-day travel behaviour. While commuting to work and education make up the bulk of trips during the morning peak period, at other times of the day people make a multitude of trips for other purposes – e.g. shopping, leisure, visiting friends etc. The purpose of the household survey was to gain an understanding of people’s all-day travel needs and hence see how these can be addressed in the GDA Transport Strategy. A detailed report on this survey and its findings is available for download:

Household Survey, Greater Dublin Area, 2006