Transport Planning Policy and Guidelines

Dublin City Centre Transport Study

The National Transport Authority and Dublin City Council published their joint “Dublin City Centre Transport Study” – a set of proposals to enhance overall movement in the city and achieve the objectives set out in the current Dublin City Development Plan – “ … modal share targets crossing the canals of 55% for public transport, 15% for cycling, 10% for walking and 20% for private car use in the annual cordon count by 2017”.

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Dublin City Centre Transport Study – Full Report

Dublin City Centre Transport Study -Summary Report

Other documents available:

Dublin City Centre Transport Study – Retail Impact Assessment Report

Dublin City Centre Transport Study – Consumer Research Report

Planning and Development of Large-Scale, Rail Focussed Areas in Dublin

The National Transport Authority, in collaboration with the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and the four Dublin local authorities, has published the attached report Planning and Development of Large-Scale Rail Focussed Areas in Dublin.

The purpose of the report is to assess the issues impacting on the development of strategic areas adjacent to key public transport corridors, including in particular the emerging pressures to develop these areas on a low density basis, and to propose potential solutions to enable the viable development of these areas over the longer term.

The report proposes a “Kickstart” Incremental Development Approach, where lower density development can be permitted initially as part of a planned approach to deliver to the overall intended densities over the longer term. It also proposes a co-ordinated and targeted approach across the relevant public sector entities in supporting necessary infrastructure in key development locations.

Draft Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area

The Draft Transport Strategy for the GDA provides the basis for the Authority’s policy platform in the Dublin and Mid-East regions. Outside the GDA, the Authority supports the implementation of existing government policy, for example, Smarter Travel and the National Spatial Strategy. The ongoing development and elaboration of this policy platform to help realise its implementation on the ground is set out below under Policy Guidance and Technical Guidance.

In accordance with Section 12 of the Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008, the National Transport Authority is required to make a transport strategy for the Greater Dublin Area. The objective of the Strategy is to provide a long-term strategic planning framework for the integrated development of transport infrastructure and services in the Greater Dublin Area.

The Authority has presented Transport Minister Varadkar with a draft transport strategy for the Greater Dublin Area (Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow) for the period up to 2030 (‘2030 Vision’) for his consideration.

Draft Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area

For more information, please visit the Transport Planning Publications Section

Integrated Implementation Plan

In accordance with Section 13 (1) of the Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008, an Integrated Implementation Plan must be prepared for the GDA. The Plan sets out the Authority’s programme of investment and development in the Greater Dublin Area (Dublin, Meath, Kildare, and Wicklow) from 2013-2018.  The Integrated Implementation Plan was the subject of public consultation and has been statutorily approved by Leo Varadkar TD, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport. It provides the framework for a capital and operational investment amounting to almost €900 million.

The plan is available to download here – Integrated Implementation Plan 2013-2018.

Policy guidance

Policy guidance will be produced from time to time by the National Transport Authority to develop and elaborate on National Transport Authority policy. The Authority is in the process of developing policy guidance in the following areas:

  • School Planning (with the Department of Education and Skills)
  • Residential Development (with the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government)
  • Retail Warehousing (with the NRA)
  • Freight / Goods Movement

These policy documents will be available here when completed.

Technical Guidance

Technical guidance is produced to aid local authorities, other state agencies and the general public on how to implement National Transport Authority policy.

Achieving Effective Workplace Travel Plans – Guidance for Local Authorities

Workplace Travel Plans – A Guide for Implementers

School Travel Toolkit