The Household Travel Survey 2017

As part of the National Transport Authority’s model update programme Amárach Research carried out the National Household Survey 2017 in households throughout the country between January and December 2017.

The aim of the survey was to obtain information on people’s day to day travel behaviour and to gain an understanding of people’s travel needs.  This information will then be analysed and used by the Authority in the planning of transport infrastructure and improvements to transport services.

Each household survey was in two parts as follows:

A questionnaire to be completed by one nominated member of the household. The purpose of this questionnaire was to obtain general information on the household structure, the use of different modes of travel, and the availability of transport services in your area; and

A travel diary where members of the household recorded details of journeys made on three specific days of the week. These details included travel destinations, modes of transport used, journey times and frequencies.

Examples of completed diaries to show the kind of information that the Authority is seeking are available in the Sample Journeys section.

Further information is available in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Prizes for participants – 2017 survey

Every household who completed and returned their Travel Diaries was entered into a draw for One4All vouchers to the value of €250, €100 and €50.