Transport Projects

Capital Programme

The National Transport Authority is responsible for public transport investment in the Greater Dublin Area. In addition, the National Transport Authority also administers two grant programmes on behalf of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, being the Regional Cities Public Transport Programme and the Accessibility Programme.

In 2013 expenditure under these programmes was:

  • Greater Dublin Area  (GDA) Investment Programme €102 million;
  • Regional Cities Investment Programme €14.4 million; and
  • Accessibility Programme €1.5 million.

GDA Investment Programme

The overall GDA Investment Programme is subdivided into four sub-programmes.  These are:

  • Heavy Rail Sub-programme
  • Light Rail Sub-programme;
  • Bus/BRT Sub-programme; and
  • Integration, Sustainable Transport Measures & Support Sub-programme.

The Heavy Rail investment programme comprises funding to Irish Rail in relation to various rail projects.  In 2013, the investment was €33.8 million.  Details of the various heavy rail projects underway can be viewed on their website at

The Light Rail Sub-programme provides funding to the Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) for the development of Luas projects and to Dublin City Council for the development of the Marlborough Street Bridge.  Funding of €22.2 million was provided by the National Transport Authority to the RPA in 2013.  Details of the various light rail projects under the remit of the RPA can be viewed on their website at

Funding of €5.4 million was provided by the National Transport Authority to Dublin City Council in 2013 for Marlborough Street Bridge, this will provide a strategic link between the north and south city for carrying public transport in the form of buses and the south bound Luas Cross City link along with pedestrian and cycle traffic.

In 2013, the investment in the Bus/BRT programme was €40.6 million which included the purchase of 80 buses for Dublin Bus.

The “Integration, Sustainable Transport Measures & Support Sub-programme” facilitates investment in the various cycling/walking, bus, safety and traffic management projects throughout the region. €32.72 million was invested in 279 projects during 2013 and a report on that investment programme is available under the link below.

Regional Cities and Accessibility Programme

The National Transport Authority administers, on behalf of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, the Department’s funding of accessibility projects and sustainable transport investment in the Regional Cities of Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.

In 2013 €14.446 million was invested in the four regional cities, as detailed in the report below.

Policy Documents

The National Transport Authority has published a number of guidance documents to assist in the management of its capital programme.  These are:

2014 Colbert Station Redevelopment

The accessibility programme operated by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport and administered on its behalf by the National Transport Authority, focuses on implementing the Department’s “Sectoral Plan for Accessible Transport under the Disability Act 2005”.  Total funding of €1.5 million was provided in 2013 under the accessibility programme. The programme for 2013 included works at rail stations and bus accessibility initiatives, to improve accessibility to the mobility impaired. Work continued to support the introduction of more wheelchair accessible taxis.