Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – Core Dublin Network

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has emerged in recent years as an effective, cost efficient and high quality public transport system.  The National Transport Authority therefore had an interest in exploring the concept further, and determining how it could apply in our capital city.

The “Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – Core Dublin Network” report below, describes and defines a system concept for BRT in the Dublin context.  The system concept was defined based on the examination and assessment of the typical components and features that make up a BRT system.

The report also describes the feasibility study that was carried out on in relation to a proposed core BRT network for Dublin.  It identifies a core network comprising of two cross-city BRT corridors: (i) Blanchardstown to UCD; and (ii) Clongriffin to Tallaght.

It concludes that the two identified corridors have a significant transport demand commensurate with a BRT system and are appropriate for development as the core BRT network for the city.  It also recommends that further detailed planning work should proceed in relation to these corridors.

Planning and design work in relation to these two corridors is currently on-going.

Bus Rapid Transit – Core Network report

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Public Consultation on Swiftway Bus Rapid Transit – Swords/Airport to City Centre