Designated Local Area Hackney Service Pilot Programme 2019

One Year Pilot for Grant Funded Rural Transport

In a pilot programme to improve public transport availability in our rural communities, NTA is offering financial assistance to operate a localised licenced hackney service in 15 designated areas nationwide.

This pilot specifically relates to those areas where a full time taxi or hackney service does not appear to be viable.

The outcome of this pilot programme will help advise NTA’s local transport plans over the next five years.

Grant funding of €6,000 over the one year pilot for one hackney service is available in each of the following areas:

This service may not replace or displace current drivers. This grant is suitable for individuals who are looking to supplement their income and provide a service to their community.

To apply to provide your community with this part-time local service, please read the guide, terms and conditions at the links below and submit an application form.

In order to be successful, you must meet specific person and vehicle criteria, follow the terms and conditions of the grant and comply with the Taxi Regulation Acts 2013 and 2016.


To be a part of this programme, applicants must:

  • be resident in, or in very close proximity to, the area designated by map;
  • provide this local service for a minimum number of hours weekly preferably including Friday and Saturday nights;
  • provide this local service regularly for community events and activities at other times;
  • provide a suitable, insured local area hackney vehicle, less than 10 years old, with an NCT certificate;
  • be tax cleared; and
  • be of reputable character and fit to provide the service.

If successful in applying to be part of the programme, an applicant must be granted a local area hackney driver licence (by An Garda Síochána) and a local area hackney vehicle licence (by NTA) before any local services can be provided. There are standalone procedures and rules for obtaining each of these licences and separate guidance documents for each.


The main steps in applying for this pilot programme are:

  1. Read the information in the documents listed below and research your SPSV motor insurance options.
  2. When you are confident that you will be able to complete both the vehicle and driver licensing processes, submit the completed Designated Local Area Hackney Pilot Programme Application Form to NTA.


If successful, you must complete the driver and vehicle licensing processes within 60 days of notification of your programme membership by NTA.  This includes:

    1. Ensuring your vehicle passes the NTA Vehicle Initial Suitability Test to be granted a with local area hackney vehicle licence; and
    2. Completing a Garda vetting and assessment to be granted a local area hackney driver licence.


Once you have been granted both of these licences, you can start providing the local area hackney service for your community, keeping the appropriate records to allow your grant to be processed monthly.


Downloadable Information and Forms


Further information:


NTA is no longer accepting applications for this pilot programme. Closing date: 30th September 2019