Real Time Passenger Information

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) will show you when your bus is due to arrive at your bus stop so you can plan your journey more accurately.

On Street Real Time Displays

The National Transport Authority is currently providing a RTPI service for bus passengers in the Greater Dublin Area and the regional cities. RTPI is displayed on signs at bus stops and shelters and tells you when your bus is due to arrive at the bus stop. This allows you to plan your bus journey more accurately. 

Sign locations are based on where they will provide information to the greatest number of bus passengers and to include as many main routes as possible. Factors taken into account include:

  • The number of bus services and the number of existing and potential passengers using the stops each day.
  • Locations near to key services like shopping districts or key public buildings.
  • Proximity to Quality Bus Corridors (QBCs).
  • Proximity to major transport interchanges.

Unfortunately, there can’t be an information sign at every stop and even some qualifying bus stops will not have an associated on-street sign. This is because the cost of providing the signs at a particular location may be much greater than normal due to the nature of the actual site or the works which would be required. All 10,000 Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann stops are included on the website, smartphone and SMS phone services. See more at

Real Time Information for All Bus Stops

Real Time Passenger Information for  Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann, Luas and Irish Rail services is available on this website and via the Real Time Ireland android and iphone apps. Not all Bus Éireann services are Real Time enabled, but the majority are and the NTA are working with Bus Éireann to ensure all services are covered.

Real Time Ireland App

The Real Time Ireland App integrates all real time arrival information services from Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann, Dart, Irish Rail and Luas. It is available free on Apple App store here, and the Google Play store here

The Real Time Ireland App allows people to set alerts to inform them when their bus is 10 minutes, or 20 minutes or 30 minutes away from a certain bus stop, so they can plan when to leave  home or work. The App can inform people when they are approaching a particular bus stop (GPS dependent). The App shows combined transport updates from Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann, Luas, DART and Irish Rail. For more information see

Real Time Information via SMS

You can get the time of the next 4 buses from any bus stop on the real time system directly to your mobile phone. Just text your bus stop number to 53035 (e.g. text 1234 to 53035). You can refine your selection at busier stops by including your route number, so text ‘bus stop number’, space, followed by your ‘route number’ to 53035.