The National Transport Authority is responsible for the licensing and regulation of small public service vehicles (SPSVs) in Ireland. This refers collectively to taxis, wheelchair accessible taxis, hackneys, wheelchair accessible hackneys and limousines.

SPSVs are defined as vehicles capable of carrying for hire or reward a maximum of eight passengers in addition to the driver.

There are five basic categories of vehicle licence:

In order to operate a vehicle as an SPSV in Ireland you must first be licensed by the National Transport Authority and meet the varying licensing conditions specific to the category of SPSV for which you are applying. A licensed SPSV may only be operated for hire or reward by an appropriately licensed SPSV driver.


Taximeter Survey 2015

The National Transport Authority carried out this research in response to a recommendation in the Economic Analysis of the Taxi Market (Indecon International Economic Consultants, 2012) which called for “initiatives to produce credible market information on the extent of low incomes and low taxi utilisation … to discourage uninformed new entrants to the sector … to ensure that potential entrants have accurate information about potential earnings …”

Three months’ data was downloaded from the taximeters of 85 drivers, operating in the Cork, Dublin and Athlone areas.  Data on over 50,000 different trips was obtained and analysed, accounting for €700,000 in metered revenue.  All taximeters included in this survey related to a vehicle with only one driver associated – thereby capturing the working habits of one driver in each dataset. All data was anonymised.

The data gives a valuable insight into the work habits of these drivers, how they chose to organise their working week, and the level of metered revenue that they earn.

Click here for the full Taximeter Survey 2015 report.