NEB Activity Reports

Under the provisions of Article 29 of the Regulation (EU) 181/2011, the National Enforcement Bodies (NEBs) of each EU Member State are required to publish a report on their activities from the previous 2 calendar years.

The National Transport Authority is the designated National Enforcement Body for passenger rights in Ireland.  The NTA’s role as the Irish NEB is prescribed in national regulations (S.I. no 152 of 2013).  These regulations also set out the penalties that can be imposed in cases of non-compliance (on summary conviction the operator is liable to a class B fine up to €4,000).  No sanctions have been imposed to date – complaints have been resolved with the operator without the need for infringement notices or fines.  Ireland has not applied for any exemption under Articles 2(4) and 2(5) of the Regulation.


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