The National Transport Authority’s (NTA) responsibilities include:

  • Strategic transport planning
  • Integrated public transport network development
  • Walking and cycling promotion
  • Public transport infrastructure provision
  • Effective management of traffic and transport demand
  • Regulation of public transport services

Transport modelling has a fundamental role to play in helping the Authority deliver on these responsibilities. The Modelling Department has developed the Regional Transport Models, which are a suite of regional multi-modal models which help deliver on planning and appraisal needs.


There are five regional models with the following key attributes:

  • Full Geographic Coverage of the Relevant Region
  • A detailed representation of the road network
  • A detailed representation of the public transport network & services,
  • A detailed representation of all major transport modes including active modes
  • Accurate mode choice modelling of residents
  • A detailed representation of travel demand of four time periods (AM, Inter-Peak, PM and Off-Peak)
  • A prediction of changes in trip destination in response to changing traffic conditions, transport provision and/or policy.

Regional Model Overview

The Regional Transport Models that support the NTA’s Transport Planning Remit  are multi-modal, network based transport models that include all main surface modes of travel.

The Regional Model Structure (RMS) captures all day travel demand, thus enabling more accurate modelling of mode choice behaviour and increasingly complex travel patterns, especially in urban areas where traditional nine-to-five working is decreasing.

Best practice and innovative approaches were applied to the RMS demand modelling modules including:

  • Car ownership
  • Parking constraint
  • Demand pricing
  • Mode and destination choice

The RMS is therefore significantly more responsive to future changes in demographics, economic activity and planning interventions than traditional models.

Image Map

Guidance Documents

A number of user guides will be available for the regional model in the future.

These can be downloaded here when available.

Model Access Requirements and Routes

Access to the regional model is through a set of procedures.

Please contact for queries.

Data Collection

A number of data sources were utilised in the development of the National Demand Forecast Model and the Regional Modelling System.

Much of this data was collected by the NTA for the model and is now stored in an online traffic count database.

Please see the Data Collection section for more information.