Data Collection

To support its transport planning function and further development of the transport models, the NTA collects and collates a wide range of data types. The RMS was developed using a wide range of data sources to ensure that it provides the best possible representation of travel demand and patterns throughout Ireland.

Data We Use

  • GTFS Public Transport Network Data
  • Public Transport Surveys
  • Port Passenger Data
  • NAPTAN Bus Stop Database
  • Traffic Signal Data from Urban Traffic Control Systems
  • Journey Time Data
  • Over 6,000 Traffic counts from NTA, TII, Local Authorities
  • The Geo Directory
  • HERE Road Network Data
  • MyPlan Landuse Database
  • The CSO Census
  • CSO HGV Data
  • The Valuations Office Parking Data

Data We Collect

  • The GDA Education Survey
  • The Airport Travel Survey

Data Requests

Data requests may be made for:

  • Traffic data; such as turning counts, flows, delays and capacity data
  • Estimates of public transport occupancy, and number of people walking and cycling.

For Data Requests, please contact

National Traffic Count Database

The National Traffic Count Database (NTCD) is a web based, GIS-enabled repository for traffic data.

Traffic Survey Specifications

The NTA has developed a number of guidelines and templates for the collection of traffic data in Ireland. The collection of data in a streamlined method will allow for seamless integration into the NTA’s National Traffic Count Database. The guidelines and specifications for data collection and formatting can be accessed by emailing