For Employers

Some of the benefits associated with promoting more sustainable travel to your workplace or campus include:

  • Reducing the cost of leasing or maintaining parking spaces
  • Reducing fleet costs and mileage claims
  • Releasing land formerly used for car parking for more productive purposes
  • Reducing staff downtime spent travelling on business
  • Enhancing accessibility to a site for staff, students, visitors and suppliers
  • Reducing pressure on parking spaces so they are available to those with most need for them
  • Tackling congestion, both on and off site
  • Complying with environmental management systems
  • Maintaining good relationships with neighbouring communities, or improving an organisation’s image
  • Promoting health and stress-reduction and reducing absenteeism
  • Providing additional employee and student benefits

For Employees and Students

For your employees or students, implementing a Travel Plan can:

  • Reduce journey times to campus/ work
  • Reduce the cost of travel to campus/ work
  • Give opportunities to build exercise and stress-relief into daily life
  • Ensure parking for those with most need to access a vehicle
  • Ensure access to tax-saving schemes, for example the Cycle to Work scheme
  • Promote team-building and access to social networks within the workplace/ campus
  • Provide additional non-monetary perks

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