Carpooling saves you money. With fuel prices increasing all the time, sharing a daily commute will save money on fuel costs. You’ll also save money on road tolls and parking costs. Sharing journeys by car can reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle and less car usage means less maintenance, a longer car life and fewer repairs.

Image of two people in a car

Carpooling reduces the number of cars on the road. This will decrease congestion and cut your journey time. Fewer cars on the road also means easier parking, potentially saving you more time. Carpooling can also take the stress out of driving! By sharing your daily driving duties you will arrive at your destination feeling more relaxed.

By travelling in groups rather than alone, Carpooling decreases the number of single occupancy vehicles on our roads and thus Carpooling can reduce pollution and CO2 emissions associated with vehicle use. This can result in cleaner air, a cleaner environment and less of the negative impacts associated with climate change.

Carpooling provides an ideal opportunity to meet new people from your area or workplace. You’ll find the journey to work will pass much more quickly when you have company, and it’s an opportunity to network and to meet people in different departments in your workplace! You may even find your stress levels lowered by the increase in camaraderie that comes from sharing the drive!

By sharing driving duties with others you will arrive at your destination feeling more relaxed. You may find one of the main benefits of sharing a car to work is taking the stress out of driving – instead of starting the day irritated from traffic jams and the long search for parking, you’ll arrive ready to face the day ahead!

We’ve made a carpool guide special for you. These guidelines are for any business, public
organisation, or educational institution that would like to implement a carpooling scheme. you can find it our carpooling guide.

For more information on car sharing visit the Transport for Ireland website.