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National Maximum Taxi Fare Review Report & Fact Sheet Published

The objectives of the National Maximum Taxi Fare Review are to: • Estimate the average activity level of taxis in a year based on survey data, research results and Central Statistics Office (CSO) data; • Update each element of the Taxi Cost Index (TCI), including the “fixed cost” of an average taxi, the running costs…


The application period for the 2017 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Grant Scheme has now closed.

Dramatic increase in NTA taxi checks in 2016

There was a dramatic increase in the number of on street licensing checks carried out by NTA Compliance Officers last year, according to the latest Taxi Statistical Bulletin published on 1st May 2017.

How to Better Support Passengers with Memory Loss or Dementia

The Dementia Elevator project is delighted to let you know that a free Dementia Awareness Training programme for Transport Service Providers is now freely available using this link The training is interactive, engaging and divided into short modules, including a series of video scenarios set on a transport service, exploring supportive communication skills, and…


In the first 24 hours of WAV17, an incredible 106 applications were received by NTA. Remember this Grant is operated on a first received basis – we are getting very close to having to start a waiting list. Provisional Grant Offer Letters will issue to appropriate Applicants within two weeks of receipt of applications. The…

National Maximum Taxi Fare Review

The current telephone survey of taxi drivers will be completed by the first week in March as part of the biennial National Maximum Taxi Fare Review.  The Review is carried out to allow adjustments for changes in taxi operating costs and the market facing the taxi industry.  This telephone survey will then feed into an…

Early Notice – WAV17

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Grant Scheme 2017 The Authority has received news that limited funding of €750,000 will be made available for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Grant Scheme to open next April to continue to encourage the wider availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles in Ireland’s fleet. All application forms, terms and conditions will be available…