Fixed-charge penalties April 2019

Ref. Offence Number
D1 Failure to display required in-vehicle information 0
D2 Standing at appointed stand while vehicle not available for hire 4
D3 Standing for hire at a place other than an appointed  stand 14
D4 Refusal to carry Assistance Dog or Guide Dog in small public service vehicle 2
D5 Failure to provide receipt in respect of taxi or wheelchair accessible taxi 12
D6 Failure to provide receipt in respect of hackney or limousine 0
D7 Standing or plying for hire in a county without satisfactory local knowledge 0
L8 Failure to comply with taxi roof sign requirements 22
L9 Displaying on a hackney or limousine a sign or advertisement other than one prescribed by the national transport authority 1
L10 Failure to notify details of small public service vehicle being operated 36
D11 Operating taximeter while taxi standing for hire or plying for hire 5
D12 Failure to operate taximeter while taxi on hire 2
D13 Failure to comply with the requirements in relation to the fitting and operation of a taximeter 10
D14 Applying a booking fee  without having been booked in advance by the customer 0
D15 Plying for hire or standing for hire in a hackney or limousine 0
D16 Failure to display required driver identification 0
A17 Failure to safely carry prescribed safety articles 18
D18 Failure to carry document in a hackney being driven in, into or out of a taximeter area 0
A21 Removal or attempted removal of tamper-proof disc from a small public service vehicle 0
D22 Failure to display tamper-proof disc 0
D23 Unreasonable refusal to carry passenger where journey not more than 30 kilometers 7
D24 Failure to have taximeter calibrated in line with current maximum fare order 0
A26 Failure to have prescribed signage affixed to the front doors of taxi or wheelchair accessible taxi 1
Total 134