Changing or Exchanging an SPSV Vehicle Licence

SPSV change of vehicle at a glance
Type of Licence Age Branding Size Change of Vehicle Cost Late Change of Vehicle Cost
Taxi See age rules Yes See Model Report Database €195 €545
Wheelchair Accessible Taxi See age rules Yes Driver, 1 wheelchair and 1 passenger €120 €545
Hackney See age rules No See Model Report Database €195 €545
Wheelchair Accessible Hackney See age rules No Driver, 1 wheelchair and 1 passenger €120 €545
Limousine None No See Limousine Vehicle Choice €195 €545
Wheelchair Accessible Hackney See age rules No Driver, 1 wheelchair and 1 passenger €120 €545
Local Area Hackney Under 10 years No See Model Report Database €120 €545

There are five steps in changing the vehicle on an SPSV licence

Step 1 – Overview
You can change the vehicle associated with an SPSV licence, provided the replacement vehicle is roadworthy, suitable for use as an SPSV and suitably equipped. Check the Model Report, Information Guide G9 and the Initial Suitability Inspection Manual in our Forms and Guide section for more details.

Step 2 – What to do with the vehicle being replaced
Before you dispose of the vehicle that you are replacing on the licence, you should:

  1. Remove the tamper-proof discs from the front and rear windows of the vehicle
  2. Remove the roof sign (if applicable)
  3. Remove the taximeter and printer (if applicable)
  4. Remove the taxi branding from the front doors of the vehicle (if applicable)

Remember you must bring the tamper-proof discs with you to the Initial Suitability Inspection of the replacement vehicle;

Step 3 – Required documentation
You must have the following to hand when calling to book the Initial Suitability Inspection for the replacement vehicle, as you will need to give the details over the phone:
Your PPSN;
An insurance certificate for the replacement vehicle; and
An NCT certificate for the replacement vehicle.
You will be unable to book an Initial Suitability Inspection unless your documentation is valid and verifiable online.
Book an appointment by calling 0761 064 000. Booking appointments may be made only by the licence holder; security questions will be asked to confirm the caller’s identity. The NTA validates all documentation online at the time of booking, and verifies your ownership of the vehicle or your legal right to use and possess it.
 When booking your appointment, you will also be required to pay the licence and inspection fees by credit or debit card.

Step 4 – Submitting the vehicle for its Initial Suitability Inspection
The Initial Suitability Inspection takes place at one of the vehicle licensing centres around the country.

Once you have satisfied the NTA’s licensing conditions and your vehicle has passed the Initial Suitability Inspection, the licence details are updated and the Licensing Inspector applies tamper-proof licence discs to the front and rear windows of the replacement vehicle. The licence period for the replacement vehicle starts from the date of its Initial Suitability Inspection, irrespective of the expiry date of the licence for the previous vehicle.

You must not begin operating the replacement vehicle as an SPSV before you have completed the change-of-vehicle licensing process.

Step 5– Taximeter verification and sealing (taxis and wheelchair accessible taxis only.
Once the vehicle has passed the Initial Suitability Inspection and the licence has been issued, you should make an appointment with Legal Metrology Services to arrange verification and sealing of the taximeter. You should retain any verification appointment letter in the vehicle until the taximeter is verified and sealed.

It is a criminal offence to operate without a current spsv vehicle licence. A conviction for this offence attracts a penalty of up to €5,000.