Smarter Travel Programmes

Smarter Travel programmes support people to choose more sustainable travel options.

These include:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Public transport
  • Car-pooling
  • Reducing travel through the use of technology or linked trips

Sustainable travel can have significant benefits for individuals, workplaces, campuses and schools in terms of health and wellbeing, costs and time associated with travel, and environmental improvements.

Smarter Travel programmes are often site-specific, for example Workplace Travel Plans or School Travel Plans. However, they can also have city-wide, regional or even national application like walking, cycling, car-pooling, car clubs or public awareness campaigns. These initiatives can support, and be supported by, transport infrastructure investment.

Smarter Travel Initiatives are outlined in government transport policy Smarter Travel: A New Transport Policy for Ireland 2009-2020.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) developed and oversees the following Smarter Travel programmes on behalf of the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport (DTTAS).


The NTA has developed the following Smarter Travel programmes:

DTTAS also supports a pilot Smarter Travel Areas project in Dungarvan, Westport and Limerick City. Please see above. 

Smarter Travel Workplaces and Campus

The NTA operates the Smarter Travel Workplaces and Smarter Travel Campus behavioural change programmes on behalf of the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport.

The Workplaces and Campus programmes work with large employers and third level institutions to encourage more sustainable commuting and travel choices among their students and staff.

In 2016, the number of workplaces and campuses engaged in the Smarter Travel Workplaces and Smarter Travel Campus programme stands at 123, comprising of 344,544 employees and students.

Partners of the programme include Analog Devices, Apple, Cork City Council, ESB, Eirgrid, Microsoft, National University of Ireland Galway, Maynooth University, Trinity College Dublin and Genzyme among others.

For more information please visit Smarter Travel Workplaces.

Green Schools Travel Programme

The NTA partnered with An Taisce’s Green-Schools to deliver Green Schools Travel, a national sustainable school travel programme.

The aim is to encourage pupils and parents to walk, cycle, Park n Stride, use public transport or car pool instead of using the private car on the school run.

By the end of 2013, 1284 schools and approximately 265,160 pupils and 17,166 teachers have gone through, or are going through, the travel module. Results from schools that undertook the programme between 2010 and 2012 show a 28% decrease in car use, 27% increase in walking and a 46% increase in cycling.

Find more information please visit Green Schools Travel programme.

For schools interested in sustainable travel, but not yet part of Green Schools Travel programme, we have produced this Toolkit for School Travel.