The National Transport Authority has announced a total of €240m to support sustainable transport projects across the country. This year’s allocations have increased by just over €130m as compared to last year’s and will support the addition of 233 new projects to the NTA’s investment programme in 2021.

Among the major projects scheduled for construction this year are the Clontarf to City Centre route in Dublin, the Mahon to Marina Greenway in Cork, the Castletroy Greenway in Limerick, Parkmore Improvement Works in Galway and the Bilberry to City Centre route in Waterford.

General projects in the scheme include the reallocation of overall road space which will include segregated cycling lanes and widened footpaths, cyclist parking, raised pedestrian crossings and reducing road width at crossing points as well as other improvements.

The NTA will be tasked with overseeing and supporting the development of the high-quality mobility infrastructure across all projects. The state agency will also ensure that projects are accessible, age-friendly and maximise comfort to people of all ages and abilities. See more details here.

In 2017, the National Transport Authority (NTA) merged the Sustainable Transport Measures Grant (STMG) programme (previously dedicated to the Greater Dublin Area) with the Regional Cities Grant (supporting projects in Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford) into one overall STMG fund, delivered through the Transport Development Division of the NTA.

The STMG programme aims to improve transport options for those choosing alternatives to the private car. The funding has become an important driver of change within the urban centres across the country.

With the collaboration of the local authorities and other state agencies, and with support for the projects through public and stakeholder consultation this programme is delivering significant infrastructural change, including:

  • Bridges
  • Bus infrastructure improvements
  • Cycle Corridors
  • Significant junction improvements
  • Pedestrian and cyclist friendly roundabouts
  • City Centre Traffic Management changes

The STMG programme continues to fund important local projects supporting pedestrian and cyclist permeability, safety and access to schools and public transport.

The annual programme reports detail infrastructural improvements sponsored by the National Transport Authority and delivered through local authorities.

The Parkmore Area Strategic Transport Framework