NTA announces new ticketing option for Limerick Bus Services

17 May 2021

The TFI Go App will further reduce the need for cash on public transport.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has today announced a new ticketing option for Bus Éireann users in Limerick City. From today customers will be able to use the new TFI Go App on selected Bus Éireann services that operate through the Limerick City red zone.

It provides users with another convenient way to reduce the need for cash payments on public transport which is in line with public health advice on Covid-19 prevention.

The new system will also operate on selected Bus Éireann routes in the Dublin area from today, with an expansion to services in Cork and Waterford expected in the coming months. The TFI Go App is expected to be available on Local Link services later in the year.

The TFI Go App will operate on 30 Bus Éireann services from today on the following routes:

Routes List:


Eastern Region

301 – 306* 103
72 103X
314 105
320 109
321 109A
328 109B
329 111
333 111A
336 115
341 132
347 133
313 101


* Routes 301 and 306 will be sold as Limerick City Red Zone