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How to become a Taxi, Hackney & Limousine Driver

Get your SPSV Driver Licence ( ) to operate all categories of SPSV – taxi, hackney, and limousine.

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“We take our role and responsibility in reducing the effects of climate change very seriously at the NTA. Being climate brave means taking bold steps towards a carbon-neutral future, and we strive every day to redefine the transport sector’s role in the lives of Irish people. Through better land-use and transport planning, we aim to bring public transport to as many people as possible in order to reduce the need for personal vehicles which are harmful to the environment. The World Health Organization states that 92% of people around the world breathe air quality which falls short of the recommended guidelines, but together we can shift attitudes toward more sustainable methods of movement, and by doing so we can make the quality of air we breathe healthier for everyone.”

A message from our CEO