Decision Making process for major policy proposals

We hold public consultations to inform policy proposals and decisions

We engage in regular public consultations to inform our policy making and decisions.

All consultations are advertised in the national media and are promoted by means of press release, follow-up interviews, and social media channels.

All consultation materials are readily available on the NTA consultation portal for review.  Where documentation is very big (for example in a very long document, or documentation with complex maps, drawings etc.), we provide it in section-by-section format, for ease of download by the reader.

In addition, we make hard copies of materials available for public review at our offices, and accept submissions by post.

You can find background Information to major policy proposals and decisions in consultation documentation.

  • All statutory background information is published alongside and at the same time as the policy proposals for consultation. This can include expert opinion, consultants’ reports, technical reports, Environmental Impact Statements, Natura Impact Assessments, etc.
  • Background documentation supporting current policy proposals under consultation is available on the NTA’s consultation portal.
  • Background documentation supporting policy proposals under earlier (now closed) consultations are available on:

Additionally, you can consult reports on the operation of services we operate for the public

We also have advisory groups to help the NTA with its work:

The role of the Advisory Committee on Small Public Service Vehicles is to provide advice to the Authority or the Minister for Transport, as appropriate, in relation to issues relevant to small public service vehicles and their drivers.

Members of the Advisory Committee are appointed by the Minister for Transport.

The Transport Users Advisory Group (TUAG) is an independent group whose main function is to provide advice to the NTA to help the organisation make decisions. The NTA established the TUAG to include people who represent a variety of users of the public transport system and Active Travel in Ireland.

The Group are asked to give comments and feedback on various projects, programmes, purchases, and designs by the NTA. These discussions allow the NTA to hear a wide variety of viewpoints from people who interact with public transport and Active Travel.

There are up to 15 members on the TUAG from a wide range of backgrounds. Members serve a two-year term.