Transport technology

The NTA’s Transport Technology division is responsible for setting the strategic direction, and leading the development and delivery, of best in class technology solutions for all public transport services which the Authority is responsible for within the State. Transport Technology is responsible for the operational management of technology solutions across three principal areas: Ticketing, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI).

The Transport Technology team ensures that the supplied systems are delivered, operated and maintained within agreed service levels.

A key objective of the division is to significantly improve integration on all modes of transport across ticketing, AVL and RTPI systems. To do this we work collaboratively with partners (suppliers) and transport operators to ensure that the NTA’s technology vision and strategy are fit for purpose, efficient, integrated, up-to-date, and that they represent value for money.

Our key driver in all technology deployment and service delivery is to provide the most reliable and accessible customer experience to all public transport users.