Rural Transport Programme

The mission statement of the Rural Transport Programme is ‘to provide a quality nationwide community based public transport system in rural Ireland which responds to local needs’.

Following a period of restructuring, 2016 saw a consolidation of this effort with seventeen Transport Co-ordination Units (branded as Local Link) delivering up to 250,000 rural transport service trips nationally.  Passenger numbers continued to increase with an estimated €1.765m passengers accessing rural transport services provided by the Rural Transport Programme in 2016.

The seventeen Local Link offices manage approximately 1,000 Public Bus Services in local and rural areas of Ireland.  Local Link Offices open from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Local Link provides a combination of scheduled Public Transport services and door-to-door services.  Door-to-door services should be pre-booked with the Local Link office closest to the service you wish to use. Details of Local Link Services are also available through the National Journey Planner.