Public Transport Services

Responsibilities of the Public Transport Services (PTS) Directorate include:

  • Managing all contracts for public transport services, large directly awarded contracts with state owned operators and tendered contracts with state owned and private operators;
  • Managing tendering competitions for public transport services across the State;
  • Managing the licencing regime for commercial bus operators who provide a significant level of bus and coach services across the State;
  • Rural transport services that are provided through a network of Local Link businesses including demand responsive and scheduled services across rural Ireland;
  • Network planning which has responsibility for developing new and enhanced services including a large programme recently launched called “Connecting Ireland” which aims to significantly improve service provision across rural Ireland;
  • Overseeing the implementation of the BusConnects Network redesign projects, currently being rolled out in Dublin with work underway in Cork and Galway to be followed by Limerick and Waterford next year;
  • Coordinating the public transport aspects of large events across the State where large numbers of people will be attending live events. For example, large sporting events or State occasions (the papal visit in 2019);
  • Coordinating the public transport response to significant unplanned events and crisis/emergency events including severe weather events;
  • Developing and implementing all marketing and promotional activities of the Authority;
  • Managing the customer facing digital presence of the National Transport Authority (NTA) and owning the Transport for Ireland (TFI) Brand and associated sub-brands;
  • Managing the Smarter Travel programme;
  • Supporting all NTA sections in ensuring the principles of accessibility (for people with disabilities) are addressed in all NTA’s activities.