16 July 2018

As the public consultation process on the Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign proposals gets under way today, members of the public are being encouraged to engage with the process by completing the consultation survey now available online.

Last month NTA published our network redesign proposals which we believe will deliver a better bus system for the people of Dublin, for the city itself and for the region. Our proposed new network will be simpler to understand and use; will offer greater connectivity to more people; and will provide for a substantial overall increase in bus services.

The existing bus system in the Dublin area has evolved on a route-by-route basis over many years, indeed over many decades. We have now reached the point where a complete and total review of the bus system is needed to position it to meet the growing transport needs of the Dublin region.

To undertake this review, we engaged Jarrett Walker & Associates, who are specialists in redesigning public transport systems in urban areas and who have worked in cities around the world, replacing traditional bus networks with revised networks that work better for more people.

The report is a detailed and comprehensive document that draws on the local knowledge and expertise of planners and officials in Dublin Bus, local authorities and the NTA, as much as it draws on the international experience of Jarrett Walker and his colleagues.

Anne Graham, Chief Executive Officer of the NTA said: “Our BusConnects consultation survey is now live now, on BusConnects.ie and that’s the best way for people to make their views known to us.

“It’s important that people read the summary report, or even the report itself, and look at the implications, positive and negative for their own area. In particular, people should take a good look at the maps and the frequency tables so they can fully understand for themselves what we are proposing.

“We believe that the changes we are proposing will make for a much better bus service for all the people of Dublin.”

NTA will be arranging information events in the weeks ahead for members of the public all around the Greater Dublin Area that will run until September 28th.

Details of these events will be announced in the local media and on NTA social media channels from later this week.

Hard copies of the survey are also available on request.