IOS Leap Reaches One Million in Mobile Top-Ups

25 May 2021

The National transport Authority (NTA) has confirmed over the weekend that the Leap Top-Up App for iPhone has exceeded €1m in top-ups since its inception less than a month ago. Since going live on the App Store on April 27th, over 80,000 customers have downloaded and used the app, with over 70,000 of those having used it more than once.

IPhone top-ups now represent nearly half of all mobile app top-ups, with close to ten thousand customers topping up each day. Over the course of the past month, top-up values have also risen by close to 30%, highlighting significant trust in the new app. The high top-up rates are even more impressive when we consider that for roughly half of this period public transport was limited to a capacity of just 25%.

Since the 27th of April anyone with an iPhone 7 and above and users on iPad can check their balance, top-up on the go and collect pre-purchased tickets, including TaxSaver tickets.

CEO of the NTA Anne Graham speaking of the new figures stated:

“I am thrilled to see the progress and usage rates of Leap Top-Up App for iPhone across the county.

When I spoke at the launch of the app last month I said that we expected the iPhone App to be just as popular as Android and this is already becoming a reality. We knew that the App would be popular, but to reach one million euro in top-ups in the space of less than a month is a great start.

I believe that Leap Top-Up App for iPhone will continue to grow as the county begins to reopen and public transport becomes a more trusted way to travel once again.”

To use the app, you simply activate the scanner and touch the TFI Leap Card against your phone.

The Leap Top-Up App can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play store and further information on how you can use the feature can be found here.