Leap Card now offering €1 off for second journeys within 90 minutes – on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART/Commuter Rail

2 February 2015

“Only Leap Card can offer instant discounts across different operators”: CEO

The National Transport Authority has today (February 2) extended its popular “Leap 90 Discount” feature to give a €1 discount to Leap Card users transferring between Dublin Bus, Luas, and DART/Commuter Rail within 90 minutes of the start of the first journey. Third and subsequent legs, too, will be discounted by a further €1, if they start within 90 minutes of the start of the preceding legs.

People aged 18 and younger with a Child Leap Card will enjoy a 75c discount on their second and subsequent fares.

Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority said “We are delighted to be introducing this important new Leap Card feature today. This is where the scheme really comes into its own; in addition to offering 20% cheaper fares to Card users, the technology behind the card can now calculate second-trip discounts, across three different transport modes, and the user benefits instantly. Only Leap Card can do this. It’s a further step in helping people to get where they need to be, at the best price possible, regardless of which mode of transport they need to use to get there.”

Leap Card holders do not have to do anything to activate these discounts; they will kick-in automatically, from today, when customers use Travel Credit as normal – on all legs of their journey. Furthermore, the Daily and Weekly caps remain in place, whereby all travel is free of charge once a daily or weekly ceiling is reached. The new Leap 90 discounts operate alongside the Capping scheme.

Note that people switching directly from Luas to Luas or from DART/Commuter Rail to DART/Commuter Rail are already enjoying specific discounted fares, and the Leap 90 discount will not apply.

Points to note:

  • The Leap 90 discount applies only to fares paid using Travel Credit on the Leap Card
  • Where the second trip is for a fare of less than €1 – such as the 60c City Centre Fare – the discount will equal the lower amount, eg 60c in this instance.
  • Does not apply to travelling companions sharing a single Leap card
  • Does not apply to Bus Éireann, Swords Express, Airlink, Dublin Bus Tour services, City Direct, Matthews Coaches, Wexford Bus and Collins Coaches
  • These discounts are being introduced on a promotional basis and may be subject to change.