Level 5 Restrictions on Public Transport remain in place – NTA

23 April 2021

The easing of Covid-19 restrictions in recent weeks has led to an increase in demand for some public transport services. However, we must remind customers that under Covid Level 5 restrictions, the 25% passenger capacity limit on each service is still in place.

Public transport operators have been responding to instances of increased demand by putting in place additional capacity where possible and we will continue to monitor travel patterns.

NTA Chief Executive Anne Graham said:

“We are asking people to avoid travelling at peak times when school children and essential workers are using public transport and only to use public transport for necessary journeys.

For this weekend, we are all hoping for a decent bit of weather, and no doubt many are looking forward to getting outdoors.

However, when people are planning their journeys, it is important to remember that level 5 restrictions on public transport, including the 25% capacity limit, remain in place.

People who can work from home should work from home.

We continue to encourage people to walk or cycle where possible. Customers who have no alternative to public transport should expect their journey to take longer and plan ahead accordingly.

Drivers and other public transport staff are working in a very challenging environment, and customers should remain respectful of them at all times.

And of course, wear a face covering while using public transport.”