National Maximum Fare Update

7 July 2017

It remains a legal obligation to have every taximeter calibrated (programmed) and verified (sealed) by the Legal Metrology Service to the current National Maximum Taxi Fares Order 2015 when operating. The initial sanction for a failure in this regard is as follows:

• Failure to comply with the Regulations in relation to the calibration of taximeters – €250
• Failure to comply with the Regulations in relation to the fitting and operation of a taximeter – €60

The introduction of a change to the National Maximum Taxi Fare is strictly governed by primary legislation. It involves a lengthy statutory and technical process to be completed by the NTA, taximeter software developers/installers, the Legal Metrology Service of the NSAI and SPSV operators. The review of the National Maximum Taxi Fare, including the Taxi Cost index has been concluded and the report and fact sheet published on our website. The Taxi Cost Index shows that the costs of operating a taxi has increased by approximately 3% since the 2014 Review.

At the meeting of the Advisory Committee on SPSVs, 29 June, a recommendation was made that a fares increase of approximately 3% be put to the Board of the NTA for consideration as Regulator. The next step in the process, as set out in legislation, is to conduct a full Public Consultation. This will be open for a 6 week period and submissions will be reviewed in the weeks following. Following this, the recommendation can be taken to the Board of the NTA for its consideration. The earliest any fare change may come into effect is February 2018.

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