New Era for Transport in the Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area Begins with Publication of LSMATs

1 December 2022

The NTA has today, published the Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (LSMATS), which provides a roadmap for sustainable transport in the region over the next 20 years.

Work on the implementation of some projects contained in the strategy has already started, with the consultation phase of the BusConnects Limerick network due to go out for detailed public consultation early next year, design consultants have been appointed by Iarrnród Éireann for the new Moyross station and multiple Active Travel projects are being designed and delivered.

The strategy sets out the framework for the delivery of the transport system required for further development of the Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area, as a hub of cultural and social development and regeneration as the economic core for the Mid-West.

The LSMATS was prepared by the NTA in collaboration with Limerick City and County Council, Clare County Council, and Transport Infrastructure Ireland with the cooperation of Irish Rail.

The strategy aims to deliver a transport system for the region, which will enable it to become an environmentally sustainable and unified metropolitan unit; a place where people of all ages can travel conveniently and safely; and a place that attracts people, jobs and activity from all over Ireland and beyond.

The LSMATS was subject to two full rounds of public consultation and, as such, the final report reflects a broad range of views from across the Metropolitan area.

The overall objective of the strategy is to provide a radically improved bus network, major investment in walking and cycling infrastructure, all supported by investment in rail and road where they contribute to the overall sustainable transport objectives.

For the final report and supporting documentation see: