NTA celebrates four years of ‘JAM Card friendly’ public transport

The NTA mark the fourth anniversary of the JAM card initiative on Tuesday 5th December

5 December 2023

Tuesday 5th December 2023 – The National Transport Authority (NTA) is today marking the fourth anniversary of the introduction of the JAM card on the Transport for Ireland (TFI) public transport network.

Social innovation for passengers with hidden disabilities

The JAM Card is a social innovation in association with the NOW Group, an organisation based in Belfast, which allows people with intellectual disabilities or a communication barrier to indicate easily and discreetly they might need “Just A Minute” when accessing public transport.

Passengers with hidden disabilities or a communication barrier can simply show their JAM Card to allow more time and understanding when using public transport.

Making public transport accessible for everyone

The NTA’s aim in facilitating the use of the JAM Card is to make public transportation accessible for all passengers, regardless of their circumstances. Since its launch in 2019, approximately 15,000 cards have been issued across the TFI network, supported by our operators including Bus Éireann, Go-Ahead Ireland, Luas, Dublin Bus, Irish Rail and Local Link.

Positive impact on passengers

Speaking at the Loaf Café in Kilmainham to mark the milestone Naomi Rooney, Transport Accessibility Manager at the NTA said: “The NTA aims to make public transport easy to use and accessible for all. We have supported the JAM card since its launch and see how it can have a positive impact on the many passengers who use it.

“The TFI Travel Assistance Scheme in Dublin, Cork and Limerick also supports people by teaching them to travel independently on public transport, to get to college, social activities or to work. The Loaf Café is a great example of a social enterprise which employs people with intellectual disabilities, autism or other communication barriers.”

Over 2,500 organisations participating in the training programme

Nicola Tipping, Business Development Manager at NOW Group, added: “We are pleased the NTA continues its partnership with the NOW Group, recognising the value of investing in training their transport staff to provide great customer service for people with both visible and hidden disabilities.

“Since launching the JAM Card initiative, the scheme has been a resounding success with more than 2,500 organisations participating in the training programme. It may be ‘Just A Minute’ but that extra time and understanding can really support and comfort those with communication barriers, helping to give them equal access to the services many need every day, like public transport services.”

“The NOW Group also offers a range of solutions to businesses including Loaf Catering, recruitment and supported employment, social impact measurement and training academies. A new training hub has recently launched at The Loaf Café, Kilmainham in Dublin.”

Additional Information

To get a JAM Card, users can request one directly by visiting the JAM Card website and filling out the request form.

For more information about the JAM Card log onto:  https://www.transportforireland.ie/jam-card/