NTA launches campaign to recruit 1,600 taxi drivers

26 February 2018

The National Transport Authority is launching a campaign to recruit an additional 1,600 taxi drivers this year.

The Authority wants to attract into the industry customer-centric women and men with a desire to work for themselves and provide positive taxi experiences to the travelling public.

NTA CEO Anne Graham said: “There are about 26,000 drivers licenced to drive a Small Public Service Vehicle in Ireland.

“That might sound like a lot, but they are not all available all of the time, which means there can be shortages at certain periods particularly at peak hours and weekend nights.

“Last year we recruited about 800 new drivers into the sector, and with this campaign, we would like to double that in 2018.”

If you’re bored with your nine to five, or you’re looking for something that will give you more flexibility, or you’d prefer to be your own boss, driving a taxi, might be just what you’re looking for.

And as long as you have a clean driving licence, it’s easy to apply.

The advertising campaign will be rolled out across broadcast, online and print media starting today Monday 26th.

Visit www.taxidriver.ie  for all the details.