Occasional and Closed-door tours bus services to/from the UK from 01 January 2021

14 December 2020

The United Kingdom (UK) will exit from the European Union (EU) on 01 January 2021.

Occasional bus services and closed-door tours to the UK:

The United Kingdom has acceded to the Interbus Agreement and it will enter into force for the UK on 01 January 2021. This means that occasional and closed-door tours will be able to travel to the UK. However, the documentation required will change. The Journey Forms issued under EU Regulation 1073/ 2009 will no longer be valid. Interbus Waybills will be required.

NOTE: Regular services cannot be undertaken using a Waybill.

Regular services to the UK:

Negotiations are ongoing between the EU and the UK. If no agreement is reached, the EU have published a Proposal for a Contingency Regulation to facilitate continued road passenger transport between Ireland and the UK from 01 January 2021. Please know that this Contingency Regulation has not yet been adopted. The Contingency Regulation Proposal can be viewed here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/publications/communication-commission-limited-contingency-measures-absence-agreement-future-partnership-united-kingdom

In the unlikely event that neither a Contingency Regulation or an agreement at EU level is in place, Part 13 of the 2020 Brexit Act has been put in place to act as a further national contingency measure and will allow the Minister for Transport to facilitate the continuation of cross border bus services.