TRA 2024 Schedule

The NTA staff members are delivering ten independent research papers

TRA 2024 Schedule of NTA participants

The TRA Arena conference is an initiative from the Department of Transport and led by the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

The NTA is an active partner and will have significant presence at the conference.

Anne Graham CEO, National Transport Authority, Plenary Speaker - Safe & Inclusive TransportOur CEO Anne Graham will be a key plenary speaker on Monday, and at the Transport Agency of the Future session, amongst high-profile experts and European Commission officials.

The NTA’s Head of Transport Development Joe Seymour will moderate a special session on Active Travel, on Tuesday.

The NTA moderators include:

– Eoin Farrell
– Brian McCormick
– Marcello Corsi
– Diane Maguire
– Juan Martinez-Covarrubias.

The NTA staff members ( and associates) are delivering ten independent research papers that explore and provide insight into various areas of transport infrastructure and policy in Ireland. NTA speakers include:
William Brazil, Karen Whitaker, Barry Colleary, Tom Ryan, David Clements, Kevin Cox, Michelle Poyourow, Eoin Farrell, Jarrett Walker, Deborah John, Barry O’ Neill, Yeonjung Song, Warren Whitney, Wen Zhang, Brian Caulfield, Juan Martinez-Covarrubias, Sarah McDonagh, Finola O’ Driscoll, Eoin Farrell, Mark Connelly, and Catherine Murray.

Below please find the scheule of NTA speakers.

The official TRA programme can be found here.

Timetable and Schedule for NTA Speakers and Presenters at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference 2024

TRA conference Schedule of NTA speakers and presenters and moderators

TRA Schedule Update (Excel version)

Monday, April 15, 2024

11:00 – 12:30  (Hall 8C, Main Stage (Simmonscourt)

“Monday Plenary – Safe and Inclusive Transport”

Anne Graham as Panellist

2:00 – 3:15pm (Hall 7, Concert Hall)

“Transport Agency of the Future”
Anne Graham as Speaker

2:30 – 2:45pm  (Hall 5A, Dodder Suite)

“Using the logsum to assess transport equity across projects in Ireland”

Wen Zhang, Brian Caulfield, Yeonjung Song, Barry Colleary

5:45 – 6:00pm  (Hall 2A, Shelbourne Hall)

“Cycle propensity modelling: An extreme cycling uptake study”

William Brazil, Karen Whitaker, Barry Colleary


Tuesday, April 16 2024

8:45 – 9:00  (Hall 6, Clyde Room)

“Investigate the RURAL mobility and accessibility challenges of Seniors.”

Tom Ryan

9:45 – 11:00  (Hall 8C, Poster Area, Simmonscourt, Stage 3)

“Local Transport Plans: An integrative approach to local plan making”

David Clements, Kevin Cox

9:45 – 11:00  (Hall 8C, Poster Area, Simmonscourt, Stage 3)

“Land Use Planning for a Better Bus: Ireland’s Approach to Orientating Development Towards Public Transport.”

Michelle Poyourow , Eoin Farrell, Jarrett Walker

9:45 – 11:00 (Hall 8C, Poster Area, Simmonscourt, Stage 3)

“Developing Connectivity Tools: Improving Urban Spaces with the assistance of Connectivity Analysis”

Deborah John, Kevin Cox, Barry O’Neill

9:45 – 11:00 (Hall 8C, Poster Area, Simmonscourt, Stage 3)

“Special Session: Active Travel in Urban Areas”

Joe Seymour as Moderator

9:45 – 11:00 (Dodder A: 80 )

“Technical 3.3.1 Circular Approaches to Resource Management”

Marcello Corsi as Moderator

9:45 – 11:00 (3C Serpentine Hall )

“Technical 4.1.5 Planning and Forecasting in Complex Networks”

Brian McCormick as Moderator

2:30 – 3:45 pm (3C Serpentine)

“Technical 2.4.4 Urban Freight -Scenarios, Planning and Space Allocation”

Eoin Farrell as Moderator

2:30 pm – 3:45pm (Simmonscourt 8C – Stage 1)

“Poster 3.1 Urban, Regional & Rural Transport”

Juan Martinez-Covarrubias as Moderator

6:00 – 6:15pm (Hall 2B, Shelbourne Hall)

“Transport Appraisal for Sustainable Transport: A Literature Review and Implications to Policy Makers”

Yeonjung Song, Warren Whitney, Wen Zhang, Barry Colleary, Brian Caulfield, Juan Martinez-Covarrubias


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

9:15 – 9:30am (Hall 3A, Serpentine Hall)

“Enhanced Demand Forecasting & Digitalisation”

Deborah John, Kevin Cox

9:45 – 11:00am (Hall 8C, Poster Area, Simmonscourt, Stage 3)

“Walking and Cycling Index Report”

-Sarah McDonagh, Finola O’Driscoll

9:45 – 11:00am (Hall 7, Concert Hall)

“Host Session: Sustainable Mobility Workshop”

Joe Seymour as Panellist

1:15 – 2:00pm (Hall 2, Simmonscourt)

“Industry Educational Session: Principles of collaborative design for urban bus services”

Eoin Farrell and Michelle Poyourow


Thursday, April 18 2024

9:45 – 11:00 (Hall 8C, Poster Area, Simmonscourt, Stage 3)

“A Programmatic Approach for the delivery of Public Transport policy in Ireland.”

– Juan Martinez-Covarrubias, Yeonjung Song, Mark Connolly, Catherine Murray

9:45 – 11:00 (3A Serpentine Hall )

“Technical 2.1.13 Transport Choices”

Diane Maguire as Moderator