Public Consultations

Current Consultations

Closed Consultations

In preparing certain policies, strategies and plans the National Transport Authority is required, under its establishing legislation Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008 and Public Transport Regulation Act 2009, to consult with a number of government departments, public bodies, local communities, users and other affected groups.

Bodies to be consulted statutorily vary, according to the policy or plan in question, but can include:

  • Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government
  • Regional authorities within the Greater Dublin Area
  • The National Roads Authority
  • The Dublin Docklands Development Authority
  • Grangegorman Development Agency
  • Local authorities
  • An Garda Siochana
  • Competition Authority
  • Joint Oireachtas Committee, Transport
  • Local communities
  • Transport users
  • Public transport operators
  • Port and airport authorities or companies
  • Other interested parties in the Greater Dublin Area

As far as is practicable, the Authority will also inform the general public of its consultation plans, usually through this website, and will consider any views received within the consultation period, even if not explicitly solicited.

At all times, the Authority will conduct its consultations in the most cost-efficient manner possible, using this website to inform people about the nature and timelines of the consultation, and to provide a simple response channel to respondents, to facilitate their participation.  Where required by law, we will place an advertisement in the national press to further inform members of the public about the consultation.