Project Approval Guidelines 2024

Project Approval Guidelines

Purpose and Objectives of the Guidelines

The purpose of the Project Approval Guidelines is to provide a framework to ensure the successful delivery and oversight of capital infrastructure projects and programmes funded by the NTA, ensuring that the correct project is implemented in an appropriate manner at an optimal cost. In this regard, this document supersedes all previous NTA Project Approval/ Management Guidelines.

The updated Project Approval Guidelines (Infrastructure Projects and Programmes) pertain to infrastructure projects and programmes only. Separate NTA updated guidelines are in development for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects/programmes. Until such time as the updated guidelines for ICT projects/ programmes are published, the requirements for ICT projects and programmes outlined in the NTA’s Project Approval Guidelines dated December 2020 will continue to be in effect.

The Project Approval Guidelines for infrastructure projects and programmes shall be applied to all NTA funded projects from 12th March 2024.

The updated procedures seek to provide a framework to address the requirements of the Infrastructure Guidelines, while also providing the appropriate level of assurance to NTA in their role as the Approving Authority.


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