NTA publishes Statement of Strategy 2018-2022

11 March 2018

National Transport Authority (NTA) has today published its latest Statement of Strategy. This is the NTA’s fourth such Statement and sets out the work programme for the organisation for the period 2018 to 2022.

NTA Statement of Strategy 2018-2022

The Strategy outlines the Authority’s vision: “To provide high quality, accessible, sustainable public transport connecting people across Ireland.”

According to the document, in order to deliver this vision, the NTA will:

  1. Secure the provision of an efficient, accessible and integrated transport system in rural and urban Ireland;
  2. Transform and elevate customers’ transport experience;
  3. Regulate privately operated transport services for the benefit of consumers;
  4. Contribute to the effective integration of transport and land use policies; and
  5. Advance Ireland’s transition to a low emissions transport systems.

Anne Graham. NTA Chief Executive said: “Clearly, funding is vital to the development and implementation of the Authority’s major plans.

“With that in mind, the next five years will be about implementation of those plans which include Metro, BusConnects, DART Expansion programme and the growing network of safe walking and cycling infrastructure both in the Greater Dublin Area and across the state.

“But much of our work does not make the headlines. The Authority has a wide range of functions including planning, implementation and funding of public transport; contracting of subsidised public transport services; regulation of sectors such as commercial buses and Small Public Service Vehicles; providing facilities and infrastructure that will make cycling and walking safer and more attractive; working with local authorities and other public bodies in formulating transport and land use policies; supporting education programmes to encourage sustainable travel.

“In addition to our regulatory and administrative role, we also directly interact with citizens on a daily basis by co-ordinating the provision of travel information to the travelling public. All of these functions are in support of the government policy to encourage the greater use by the public of sustainable transport modes.

“In discharging these functions the Authority’s overriding concern is to ensure that public transport services and infrastructure are designed and implemented so as to ensure the best possible experiences for the travelling public and to provide value for the State’s investment. That is at the core of everything we do.

“This new Statement of Strategy reflects the growing demands on the Authority to create effective, efficient and affordable public transport services for the travelling public.

“The next five years will allow the Authority to commence the implementation of the infrastructure required to support the growth in demand for sustainable transport.”

Ta leagán Gaeilge den preasráiteas ar fáil anseo.